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Polarr Photo Editor is a powerful yet efficient photo editor program for the Windows platform

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10

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Simple, yet powerful photo editor for Windows.

If you're looking for a photo editor app for Windows that is easy to use and lets you change the appearance of your photos to make them look just like you want them to, you should check out what Polarr Photo Editor has to offer. It's a small and simple app, yet is packed with powerful editing features that many other free photo editors lack.

Available for Many Platforms

The latest edition of Polarr Photo Editor is designed to work for Windows 10. If you have Windows 7 or 8, you can use the previous versions, however they're no longer updated or supported. Apps for macOS, iOS and Android are available as well. There's even an online version of Polarr Photo Editor that runs in your browser. This cloud-based edition has all of the features of the desktop versions, except facial recognition.

No matter what kind of device you have, there's a version of Polarr Photo Editor that works for you. It's a very small app that takes up less than 4 MB of space. It's also quite light on system resources. Thanks to its optimized editing engine, Polarr Photo Editor doesn't require much in terms of CPU and RAM. This allows it to run well even on slightly older and less powerful computers.

Packed With Useful Editing Features

Polarr Photo Editor has dozens of editing features that both professional photographers and individual users will greatly appreciate. It supports images in many formats, including JPEG and RAW photos up to 42 MP.

Once you load a photo in Polarr Photo Editor, you can make hundreds of adjustments to it. This includes changing the contrast, tint, color temperature, sharpening the image, adding distortions, vignettes and fringing. You can also make curve adjustments and change the way the shadows work.

A feature that sets Polarr Photo Editor apart from most other small photo editors is its large collection of filters. The dozens of available filters can change the way your photos look in truly spectacular ways. If you've ever wanted to give a more "artistic" look to simple photos you've taken with your smartphone, this is the program for you. It also lets you add two filters together to blend their effects and even create your own filters by manipulating advanced settings.

Differences Between Free and Pro Edition

Polarr Photo Editor is available in both a free and pro edition. The free version can be used for an unlimited amount of time and contains the vast majority of the pro version's functions, with the exception of some advanced editing features like stacking, luminance mask and layer masking.


  • Small and light on system resources
  • Easy to use
  • Has dozens of powerful photo editing features
  • Available for other systems besides Windows 10


  • Some advanced editing features only available in paid version

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